September Publication

Published in (September 1st and September 8th)


Notice is hereby given that, under authority and direction of O.S., Title 68, § 3101 et seq., the hereinafter described lands, lots, tracts and parcels of real estate, all situated in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, now has a tax lien for unpaid ad valorem taxes and/or special assessments. Further, if the lien remains unpaid for a period of three years or more, as of the date such taxes first became due and payable, this property will be sold at public auction unless the delinquent taxes, interest and penalty are paid in full prior to the time of the tax sale.

The said list contains all the lands on which the ad valorem taxes of the taxable year 2015 remain due, delinquent and unpaid, except where the 2015 taxes have been endorsed on a prior year's delinquent tax sale, together with any delinquent and unpaid ad valorem taxes of other years, and including any personal taxes which are by law made a lien upon the real property owned by such person or persons; and further including delinquent special improvement and maintenance assessments separately stated and described for the year or years as specifically stated in said list for certain lands, lots or tracts of real estate having special improvement and maintenance assessments which are by statute a lien upon realty and subject to sale at this time. As to each class and year of tax, the accrued interest separately computed to date of first publication of this notice, together with advertising costs and listing fees, have been included in the total amount of all such taxes, interest and costs remaining due, delinquent and unpaid.

The sales hereby advertised may involve a manufactured home which may be subject to the right of a secured party to repossess. A holder of a perfected security interest in such manufactured home may be able to pay ad valorem taxes based upon the value of the manufactured home apart from the value of real property.

If the owner of the property is 65 or older; or has been classified as totally disabled and is residing at the property; has a gross annual income lower than the Federal Poverty Guidelines and; the fair market value of the property as reflected by the County Assessor does not exceed $125,000, the owner may qualify for an exemption from tax sale. Please contact the County Treasurer’s Office at 713-1300 to see if you qualify.

This notice applies to the following lands, lots, tracts and parcels of real estate, to wit:

Witness my hand this 18th day of August, 2016.


Oklahoma County 2016 September Publication
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