Oklahoma County Treasurer's
Important Dates

Date Event
October 1 County Assessor certifies the tax amounts to be collected.
Mid-October Current tax statements are mailed.
November 1 Taxes first become due and payable.
December 31 Last day to pay full amount or one half payment of taxes before becoming delinquent.
December 31 Due date for taxes paid by mortgage companies. Mortgage companies must pay the full amount due.
March 31 Last day to pay second half payment of taxes before becoming delinquent.
Mid-April Delinquent personal tax statements are mailed.
Mid-May Delinquent personal taxes are published in the newspaper.
See Resale Instructions Publication for the Resale to be held the 2nd Monday in June.
Second Monday in June Tax Resale
Mid-July Delinquent real estate tax statements are mailed.
Mid-July The Notice of Intents to Issue Tax Warrants statements on delinquent personal taxes are mailed.
September 30 All add/deletes for mortgage group codes are due in by the mortgage/group companies.