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All County purchasing is centralized in the Purchasing Department. Below is a list of definitions that will help vendors with terminology associated with the purchasing process.

  • Invitation to Bid - [ITB]
    Invitation to Bid
    A formal request to prospective vendors soliciting price referencing quotations or bids; contains or incorporates by reference the specifications or scope of work and all contractual terms and conditions.
  • Request for Proposal - [RFP]
    Request for Proposal
    All documents whether attached or incorporated by reference that are utilized for soliciting competitive proposals.
  • Request for Qualifications - [RFQ]
    Request for Qualifications
    An informal soliciation or request for information where oral or written qualifications are obtaitned from vendors without formal advertising or receipt of sealed bids. Used only where statutes do not require formal sealed bids such as small or emergency purchases, construction projects, etc.
  • E-Bid
    Allows vendors to receive solicitations electronically.
  • Sealed Bids
    Sealed Bids
    A bid submitted in reponse to an ITB. Bid is submitted in a sealed envelope to prevent dissemination of contents before the deadline for the submission of all bids.
  • F.O.B.
    Free On Board.
  • A.R.O.
    After Receipt of Order.
  • Amendment
    A revision or change to a document often used to correct a solicitation.
  • Modification
    An agreed addtion to, deletion from, correction, or modification of a document or contract.
  • Tabulation
    The recording of bids and bidding data listing items offered, prices, delivery, schedules, etc. submitted in response to a solicitation for the purpose of comparison, analysis, and recordkeeping.
  • Award
    The presentation of a purchase agreement or contract to the selected bidder or offeror after careful consideration.
  • Responsive Bidder
    Responsive Bidder
    A vendor who has submitted a bid which conforms with all material respects to the requirements stated in the solicitation.

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